Benefits of Body Lotion: Tips to Use, Side Effects, And More

From the benefits of body lotions to ways to use them and boost skin hydration — here’s everything you need to know about the best solution to dry skin.




Even in the daily hustle and bustle of life, most people don’t forget to follow the simple and minimalist cleansing, toning, and moisturizing (CTM) routine. Slathering skin with a moisturizing lotion feels refreshing and also helps keep the skin soft and supple. The various benefits of body lotions have made these beauty products an integral part of the skincare routine. Body lotions aren’t just any other optional skincare product — they are an elixir for your moisturization needs, especially for those with severely dry and dehydrated skin. Despite what many people think, body lotions don’t only provide hydration to the skin, they do much more than that which is why they have become a staple in every household.

Also, contrary to popular belief, people with oily skin types, too, need a body lotion— our skincare experts advise putting lotion on the skin for everyone, regardless of skin type. Just make sure to use a product or homemade moisturizer for dry skin treatment that is packed with skin-friendly ingredients. Here we will deep dive into the world of body lotions and get the answers to, “What is a body lotion,” “Is lotion good for your skin,” and so on. Let’s get started with the basics of body lotions!


Body Lotion: What Is It And What Does It Do to Your Skin?

Many times body lotions and moisturizers are used interchangeably, but there’s a difference between both. While both work effectively to provide hydration and nourishment to the skin, a body lotion is lightweight and has a higher water content as compared to a moisturizer. Moisturizers, on the other hand, have a thick and rich consistency and might feel a bit greasy.


Coming to body lotions — simply put, they are products and are formulated with more water and less oil. Plus, they are majorly packed with emollients and humectants that help prevent transepidermal water loss, thereby preventing dryness, along with boosting skin elasticity and smoothness (1). 

Body lotion usage is quite common, as being packed with emollients, helps alleviate skin dryness. People with dry skin often complain of itching and flaking as dryness is frequently linked to a compromised skin barrier — emollients help strengthen the skin barrier and soothe dry skin conditions while also decreasing flakiness (2). 

Most lotions available on the market contain emulsifiers, water, oils, emollients, humectants, and preservatives — the formulation might vary from product to product. They are specifically designed to draw moisture into the skin and keep it smooth and supple. 

Top 6 Remarkable Benefits of Body Lotions

1. Keeps the Skin Hydrated

Our body’s skin keeps losing moisture due to various environmental factors, which leads to dryness and loss of elasticity (3). Hence, the application of body lotions is required to give your skin the daily dose of hydration it needs to prevent moisture evaporation and strengthen the skin barrier (1). One of the major benefits of lotion is that it helps quench the thirst of dry skin and provides it the nourishment it needs to stay healthy. 

2. Helps Prevent the Signs of Aging

When skin is not able to lock in moisture, it leads to dryness. Dehydrated skin weakens the skin barrier, causing the skin to lose its density and elasticity, thereby causing wrinkles and other signs of aging (4). Body lotions boost hydration levels, which in turn also helps prevent as well as reduce the signs of aging. Moreover, some body lotions are prepared with anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid, retinoids, and vitamins that help delay skin aging (5).

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3. Soothes the Symptoms of Calluses

Corns and calluses are characterized by hard, thick areas of skin that usually appear on feet, hands, and fingers. It usually occurs due to repeated friction or putting undue pressure on your skin (6). One of the prominent benefits of moisturizing body lotions is that they help in soothing the symptoms of foot xerosis, including flakiness, scaling, and itchiness (7).

4. Softens the Skin

Since body lotions are laden with skin-friendly ingredients, they help soothe rough patches caused due to dryness and keep the skin soft and moist. 

5. Boosts Skin Health

By promoting skin hydration and boosting skin elasticity, body lotions help make skin radiant (8). 

According to a study, herbal lotions made with aloe vera, honey, glycerin, and other natural ingredients eliminate oily secretions, reduce the appearance of rough patches on the skin, and make the skin look more glowing (9). 

6. Soothes Your Olfactory Senses

Body lotions don’t only calm your skin but your senses too — using a body lotion with a pleasant fragrance can help you feel and smell good and fresh all day long. 

How to Use a Body Lotion the Right Way?

Body lotions, though, come with a plethora of benefits — it’s important to use them the right way to reap their benefits. Also, many people with oily & acne-prone skin refrain from putting on a body lotion, but that shouldn’t be done. They should opt for ‘non-comedogenic’ lotions that are non-greasy and don’t clog the pores. 

Now coming to ‘how to correctly body lotions’ here are some tips to try:

  • Take a generous amount of body lotion into your palm.
  • Rub your palms and apply the body lotion to your body using circular motions. 
  • Focus more on dry skin areas to keep them adequately hydrated. 
  • You can apply a hydrating body moisturizer both during the day time at night. When applying body lotion at night, make sure to use a product that’s suitable for night wear. 

How to Choose a Body Lotion According to Your Skin Type?

The purpose of lotion is not just to deeply hydrate your skin — depending on formulations, they can address a variety of skin concerns. Using body lotions can yield significant results in terms of hydration, but it’s crucial to select a body lotion that suits your skin type. 

Dry Skin: People with dry skin types should choose a lotion that’s packed with ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, etc. The key is to choose products that have humectants and emollients as they help seal moisture into the skin, keeping it soft and smooth. 

Oily Skin: Lightweight and water-based body lotions are an ideal choice for those with oily and acne-prone skin. Look for ‘non-comedogenic’ labels when choosing a body lotion for oily skin types. 

Sensitive Skin: People with sensitive skin types must be cautious before selecting a body lotion, as their skin is more prone to irritation and allergies. Opt for a body lotion that is ‘hypoallergenic’ and has calming ingredients like aloe vera, honey, oatmeal, cucumber, etc.

Combination Skin: People with combination skin often have both dry and oily skin – with their T-zone being quite oily, which makes it challenging for them to look for the right body lotion. Thus, they should choose a product that is lightweight and easily absorbs into the skin without leaving any greasiness behind. 

Normal Skin: Those with normal skin types can experiment with different body lotions as their skin is not too oily or too dry. They can opt for a lightweight formula packed with skin-hydrating ingredients to get softer skin. 


Should You Get a Body Lotion with SPF?

Yes, using a body lotion that comes with an SPF formula helps defend the skin against harmful UV rays. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you can choose a body lotion with SPF 50 or higher to get maximum protection from UV rays. On the other hand, the SPF 30 formula would be ideal for those who don’t spend much time outdoors — don’t forget to use sunscreen to keep your skin protected from sun rays. 

Are There Any Side Effects of Using a Body Lotion?

1. May Cause Allergies

Many body lotions available on the market contain ingredients like parabens, alcohol, certain preservatives, etc., that may trigger allergies in some people (10). Body lotions that contain fragrances can be harmful to the skin and health — a recent study revealed that synthetic fragrances can potentially cause headaches, breathing problems, mucosal irritation, and dermatitis (11). 


2. Might Lead to Acne

Using body lotons excessively, that too products that contain oils might clog pores. Hence, it’s advised to use non-comedogenic products, especially for those with oily skin. 


From keeping the skin hydrated to fighting the premature signs of aging — the benefits of body lotions are plenty. Using body lotions that are suitable for your skin type consistently can help smoothen dry skin, soothe the symptoms of calluses, improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and rejuvenate the skin. But be mindful of the potential side effects of body lotions, too — before adding a lotion to your skincare regime, always take a look at its ingredients. Be wary of the lotions packed with harmful substances like parabens, alcohol, artificial fragrances, etc. Whether you buy a market-based body lotion or prepare yourself at home — make sure to do a patch test before using a body lotion to look out for potential side effects. 




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