Ore milling equipment is mainly composed of drum, roller, brush roller,magnetic system, tub and transmission parts. Motor regulates motor speed throughthe reducer, which drives the cylinder and magnetic roll do rotary motion.Magnetic system is open, installed in inside cylinder and all bared magnetic.Cylinder is rolled welding by 2-3 mm stainless steel plate, and the end […]

The portable crusher plant belongs to crusher equipment and limestonemachinery, and SBM Mining Machinery Co., LTD. is specialized inmanufacturing and selling various portable crusher plant. The portable crusher plant is one of the main equipment used in intermediate crushing process and finecrushing process of brittle materials like limestone coal, and the portable crusher plant mainly […]

With the upgrading of the country’s overall industrial ization development,the domestic market competition among mining crusher manufactures also walk into the white-hot stage, they gradually takeinnovation on sand making machine and mobile crushing plant,promoting crushing industry develop to intelligent direction. The broadmarket space and development prospects do not mean companies can easily obtainthe objective economic; […]

Our own brand portable crusher plant is a new product which combines both domestic and foreign advanced technology. Our portable crusher plant uses the spring insurance device, hydraulic cleaning chamber, as components selection and structure design is reasonable, which is economical and practical. When the new series portable crusher plant is working, the motor drives […]

Gold ore spiral chute for sorting the size of 0.3–0.02 mm fine iron ore, ilmenite, chromite, pyrite, zircon, rutile, monazite, phosphorus B ore, tungsten, tin , Tantalum ore, niobium ore and other non-ferrous metals gold ore crusher, rare metals and non-metallic minerals with specific gravity differences. The equipment has the advantages of simple selection process, […]

construction waste crusher or combination crusher in sand making production line has a high degree of automation, in addition to starting and stopping equipment, and routine maintenance. Sand making production line has high production efficiency, low operating costs, large high-yield production, uniform stone particle size, good grain shape, in line with national high speed material […]

With the development of industrial machinery in our country, the technology of construction waste crusher is continues to improve. The current levels of domestic construction waste crusher is with high performance, high reliability and attractive appearance, has reached the international level. In the industrial age, intellectualization is the mainstream of technology development. The author would […]