With the development of the mining industry, the construction waste crusher dehydration workload for the tailings in the concentrator is growing. There are various types of the ore construction waste crusher at home and abroad in order to adapt to the specific requirements for different mineral processing industries.
The ore construction waste crusher produced by Henan SBM Mining Machinery is suitable for the dehydration process for the construction waste crushers and the tailings and it is widely used in metallurgical, chemical, coal, non-metallic mineral processing, environmental protection and other industries. Actually, this ore concentrator is not simple sedimentation equipment, but a kind of new dewatering equipment combined with the filtering characteristics of the mud layer. In order to increase the concentration efficiency, an inclined plate is set at the lower part of the settling section of the construction waste crusher pool. After the inclined plate is installed, the slurry obliquely flows upward along the space of the tilting plate. The solid particles vertically settle between the two inclined plates so that the sedimentation process is shortened and the time is reduced. The particles settling on the tilting plate agglomerate together so that they decline along the inclined plate and the sedimentation rate accelerates. The tilting board also increases the natural subsidence area of the concentrator. In the operation process, you should pay much attention to the discharging concentration. When the concentrator is overload or the materials are over construction waste crusherd, the discharging hopper will be clogged and the rake will be distorted.
In order to improve the production capacity of the ore concentrator and lower the solid contents in the clean water, the experts of Henan SBM Mining Machinery have designed and produced a kind of adjustably automatic discharging system of the ore concentrator according to the production requirements to transform the traditional ore concentrator. The automatic emissions system of the ore concentrator is constituted by the programmable controller, time relay, pneumatic devices, signaling devices and electronically controlled pneumatic valves and other components.

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