When it appeared when the wear and tear, must be replaced in a timely manner, must not make do, perhaps at that time to make do is to save money, but there may be because of this, and let yourself spend more money, ultra-fine grinding equipment is most important That is, the close cooperation between the various parts, and when one of the problems, it can not be a good match, and this is also prone to a lot of serious problems, so when a part of the problem, it should be timely Of the replacement, then there is the time to pay attention to the use of the bearing temperature, it is in use, will run with the machine and the phenomenon of bearing temperature rise, but more if it reached the upper limit, it must immediately stop, ultrafine mill is the most important part of the bearing, so we must always pay attention to its performance.
Ultra-fine grinding equipment in the use of time, has its own unique characteristics, then what are the characteristics of it? First of all, when it is in use, it is very environmentally friendly, that is, its noise is relatively small, it is very important, and now there are some equipment in use, because it’s noisy, so will For the production environment and the surrounding environment has a great impact, not only the operator will not have a good mood, even if the surrounding crowd will have some resentment for their own, so in this regard must pay attention to, and This device is also up to have their own characteristics, it is relatively small vibration, low noise, just in line with the user’s requirements.

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