National key construction projects of Wuqiangxi Hydropower Station from Austria introduced new quarry crusher one Reno rushed APK40 quarry crusher. 8 varieties of wear resistant parts of the machine are made of anti abrasion materials. From VAI imported product price for 25000 yuan / T, only quarry crusher a, to complete the project construction cost 2505.35_wan million yuan. In order to make the introduction of equipment parts based on the domestic, we have carried on the repeated research and trial manufacture of the machine. Through the production and running test, the service life of the parts made of the wear-resistant alloy made by the use of the product is quite, and can replace the imported parts.
The working condition and material selection of the vulnerable parts of L quarry crusher
1.1 working condition
Wuqiangxi Hydropower Engineering used in quartzite and quartz sandstone made of sand and gravel, and then concrete preparation. These two kinds of sand stone SIO. The content of 75% ~ 90%, Mohs hardness of 7 or above, the compressive strength is 200 300MPa. The technical parameters of the machine are: 1000 * width 1000mm, 740r / min, 160 kW, the maximum feed particle size is 150mm, the crushing capacity is 120 t / h. Random lead in the equipment through the field production assessment, service life is 110 – 125 H. Another working condition in the running of the spare parts is that the high speed running of the hammer and the high hardness of the quartz rock repeated impact, the impact hammer working surface temperature as high as 600 – 500, therefore, the wear resistant material must be in high temperature with sufficient toughness and hardness.
1.2 wear mechanism
The wear of the wearing parts of the impact hammer, the counter plate and so on in the impact quarry crusher in the promise is that the wear of the cutting type abrasive wear. This wear is the surface strain and mechanical strain of the groove wear, the formation of the groove is due to the abrasive in the external force, to a certain speed of the metal matrix, after a period of slip and the metal matrix, so as to leave behind a road groove. The formation of the groove depends on the local stress and the relative value of the metal surface and the abrasive hardness. In the case of the same stress, the greater the abrasive hardness, the more prone to trench. Because the sand gravel hardness, resulting in grooves on metal substrate are dominant in wear.
1.3 material selection
In order to use the experience of other countries for reference, first of all we debris in VAI imported products on the microstructure, mechanical properties and chemical composition of were test and analysis, results show that, the imported accessories are used in material for high alloy abrasion resistant material and its chemical composition see Table 1, the microstructure of martensite and blocky a carbide and secondary carbides, hardness HRC62 ~ 64. We have carried out a wide range of research and physical analysis on the use of wear-resistant materials at home and abroad, and based on this foundation, according to the working principle and domestic resources of the counterattack quarry crusher, a large number of material tests, the selection of CYK type high chromium cast iron to carry out the trial.

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