Naturally hacking computer games, as heroes odyssey era of fire and ice hack is the activity, that need a lot of patience and sacrifice, first all free time. Use clever as well as logical thinking, can afford to devise different, and hitherto unknown solutions, that will, that is not young hacker search will be methods functioning in the forum, however and it was he, will be the which will leave for posterity a listing on the forum, betraying, that functioning, enabled him to circumvent the imposed through the creators of the game restrictions. Without a doubt hacking of computer games is the too and a kind of battleground between as well as the object of their mutual rivalry. In the world of hackers, essential is respectable login and prestige, however does, however, counts in this environment too and fun, create so heroes odyssey era of fire and ice hack. Fun, will be typically main the most important reason for hacking computer games. The quest to destroy the intellectual property, typically will priority on top of, sometimes, that is the reason for hacking. Groups of hackers – players, looking for not much opportunity to sow destruction, but more, a way to demonstrate to the environment, hackers, as well as and to himself.